More reality vs creativity


I think the creative juices are on pause until the practical things are done to prepare for next week. Things like buying gifts at stores that you thought were going to be shipped in time but then you get an email on Friday saying “shipping 1/23/09” which causes you to curse out loud. Thanks a lot!! And the recepient of the gift is with you today so that just leaves tomorrow to get it. Tomorrow when you should be baking for an office holiday pot luck. Tomorrow when you have a 5pm party to go to. Tomorrow when you know you will be sleeping in late due to staying out late tonight at a holiday/birthday party.  So to clear time for this last minute shopping trip that means you gotta get a ton done TODAY.  Christmas menu is planned. Baking items are planned and ingredients purchased. One last office gift is purchased (though still needs a gift bag since you forgot!) Gift dropped off to Kim who has been doing your nails for almost 20 (!!) years. Last unclaimed silent auction item from last week is dropped off.  More holiday cards are received so the re-sorting continues on the mantle (above) and piano:


Winter wonderland theme up there, with more traditional reds and greens on the mantle.

Oh by the way – you need to figure out stocking stuffers – any ideas out there?

Hopefully tomorrows shopping trip is successful and then baking can begin. Which will be the topic for tomorrow 🙂 Pictures will be taken and a report given on a recipe shared by an August mom months ago that causes drool simply upon reading.

2 thoughts on “More reality vs creativity

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  1. Weather is keeping me from getting any place. I still have to get stocking stuffers and I just realized the box with the stockings is still in storage a whole state away!

    Oh well, this too shall pass.

    I like the pictures of the cards! I hope you get everything done!


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