I’m too old for this


Amber hiding her face from the weekend. Or something. I sure wish I could have done that! Ok, well only parts of it. The parties were awesome. Great times with great people. Just a tad too much for me possibly. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. Sat night I was out until 2am. In my defense I did TRY to leave around 11:30 and the hosts insisted that I and a few other people stay. And I am glad I did because the conversation was fun. Still, I did have to get up and track down that gift this morning. Which was procurred but not until after 2hrs and 70 miles and 3 stores.  Meamwhile I had only slept about 6 hours and I did have *some* wine and even with plenty of water in between, the headache was there. And even after the shopping was done I had to make the bread. Ah yes, the bread. Have I mentioned that I don’t really bake? I have never made bread from scratch other than the saffron bread I made while with Ex #2. And that was years ago. But one of the moms posted this great reciped on her blog back in March (which I cannot link to since she moved it) and I’ve held onto that printout all this time with every intention of giving it a try. It’s called Holy Bread and let me tell you, I did let out a lot of “Holy $%^$s” while making it! Ok, so the pre baking and post baking pics don’t look too bad right? :



My issue was with the rolling of the dough. I’ve honestly not done that in so long that I was horrible! First just kneading the dough into anything soft and rollable was a challenge. Then I at least got it to the “thats good enough” point that I went into the rolling and even then had to lower my standards. My version looked nothing like the pictures she posted! And I worked it hard! My forearms and hands are so sore!! So then I finally get it in the oven and I lay down on the sofa to rest as I only have about an hour to get it together before part #2. And I fall asleep. And I sleep through the initial beeps of the oven alarm. So the bottom of the bread is tinged with brown. Sigh. All that work!! But I gotta say that I see the potential here. I stuffed the Holy Bread with pesto and provolone and it is quite yummy. I had one piece and even after the snooze my head was still pounding but I got myself together for the event. Had a designated driver so it was all easy. Which meant that it was easy to have some more red wine during the dinner and also at the post dinner bar afterwards. Yeah, out drinking two nights in a row is so not my habit and even with lots of good food and water I am not feeling tip top right now. Not sure how tomorrow is going to go!! But hey, at least I can console myself with some slightly burnt homemade bread, right?

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  1. Actually, baked it looks gorgeous!

    I hear you on the trials of rolling dough. I did fine with cinnamon rolls, but the sugar cookie cut-outs were so darn *sticky*… I wanted to take the glutinous ball and just hurl it at the wall. What a satisfying *thwock* it woulda made.

    love, love, love pesto. I might end up hitting you for this recipe. Maybe there’s an approximate version somewhere online?


  2. Wow, was wondering which cooking/baking post to comment on and then came upon the bread. It does look yummy baked. You get a lot done. Presents, cookies, bread, roast. Can you come live with us? 8)


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