No Resolutions. No Year End Lists. Just a post like any other.


Ever the independent rebel, this is not the typical Year in Review or New Year’s Resolution post. The most you get is the header change to New Year’s fireworks 🙂 You see, those other things take organization. Clear mindedness. Heck, any kind of mindedness! And the timing is just not right for me on those at the moment. I need to de-clutter first. Literally. I know, you see the pictures of  my house and think, what clutter? True enough that I have been successful at maintaining order int the areas seen by guests. But that does not mean by a long shot that there is not excess stuff in here. It’s just quite cleverly hidden. At Thanksgiving break I made a list of those hidden places that needed clearing out. A few were tackled before the Christmas decorating began. Looking at all this time off work, one would think the rest would be done. Theoretically. Maybe. However, there is a clog in the process. Ok, two clogs. The main one is that the last step in any de-cluttering process is throwing things away. Which I cannot. Because the trash in the garage is already overflowing thanks to DS1. In his prepartions to move out, he’s been stocking up on things he didn’t have before. Like a real bed. A new computer. A new tv etc etc. All of which means the old items need to be disposed. And the new things came in boxes. Then Christmas meant more new boxes for everyone. And even though we toss out as much as we can with each weekly trash pick up, the containers can only hold so much. So I am stopped. I’ve cleaned out a couple of little drawers and one closet shelf which makes me feel that *something* is getting done, but it’s no where near what I wanted. Even if I wanted to take down decorations, I cannot get near the shelf with the holiday boxes anyway. So instead I allow myself to be distracted by the other reason for not getting things done – Harry Potter.  It’s so much easier to just get lost in the books.

The only thing I can say is that once the clutter is dealt with, I will most likely think through the best way to handle all that 2009 will be. I know that on the surface it will be as hectic as 2008 since I have the same obligations and DS2 will be in the same activities.  I’d like to handle all of those with a little more balance. Which probably means less blogging. Certainly NO daily commitment 🙂

Have a safe and happy new years eve and new years day. I do look forward to sharing 2009 with everyone! I know that many of my cyber-friends have had truly crappy times in 2008 so in support of you I will say Goodbye and Good Riddance to Suck-It ’08!

6 thoughts on “No Resolutions. No Year End Lists. Just a post like any other.

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  1. Yes yes to de-cluttering. I almost wrote a post a few days ago about how Christmas brings in so much junk.
    So glad all of that is over and we eleven months of Christmas music free radio and tv.

    Happy New Year, girl.


  2. I don’t make those lists or posts either. My tree is still up. I was going to take it down yesterday but it seems a shame that it was only enjoyed/lit for about four days. So I’m reverting to the way I was raised…leaving it up until the 6th.

    (That is unless my daughter offers to take it down for me when she comes on Sunday.)


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