Almost over – odds & ends from winter break

Sigh…the long, lovely vacation is over. Back to school and work tomorrow. We are bummed 😦 Of course, *today* MusicMan cleaned out his pile in the garage so after trash pickup tomorrow I could get moving with my own clean up. Ah well. Just gives me projects to work on before LL kicks in right? Because I needed that (ha. ha. HA)

Hey, did you see that I got my birthday wish? Oh right, I was twittering but hadn’t yapped in here about the Chargers. Yes, football. Sorry. You know I do love my sports along with my politics (which I’ve relaxed on since the election to clear my head). The Chargers started the season out horrible so I wasn’t about to mention them. It was looking like the entire San Diego sports year was just going to be a huge bust and frankly, we are used to it here! Then in December, they woke up. And were lucky to be in a crappy division battling a team on the decline for the top spot. They killed the Broncos last weekend to earn a playoff berth. Which ended up being a home game against the every present Colts who they knocked out of the playoffs last year. These two teams ONLY play tight games that come back to the last play. They did not disappoint yesterday and I seriously wondered if I would make it to see 45 at one point my heart was so stressed!! But they prevailed in the end and my birthday was perfect:


I’ve had this house for 5 years and have used the fireplace plenty of times, but for whatever reason yesterday was the first time I noticed how the flames reflect in the granite:


A common thread I’ve seen reading other sites this past week. Nothing was more fun for kids and cats than the box your favorite item came in:



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  1. Yes, that game with the Colts was a great one! I sort of cheer for the Colts because Tony Dungy used to coach the Tampa Bay Buccanneers, and was well regarded during the time I lived in the Tampa area. But I’m glad the Chargers won, only because it will make the Big Head (aka Peyton Manning) explode once more!

    Good luck next week!


  2. lol! Yes, the boxes are great toys. The wrapping paper and any ribbon left laying around are also considered fun stuff by my cats. My cats tend to be hoarders. They hide things all over the house. I’ll probably still be finding bits of wrapping paper and ribbon in July.


  3. We are still having fun with our box. Between Little Dude and Supercat, I don’t know who is in it more… You have a beautiful cat, by the way.


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