Is it Jan 20 yet?

Took a break from political posts after the election due to extreme burn out. Even though things mostly went the way I personally wanted them to go, I was just done talking about it. The break has been good and I knew I was ready to dive in again when I saw this and felt a jolt of optimism and pride:


See that Presidential seal on the plane? Chills!! For the first time in my political lifetime (which I define as me being politically aware and not just voting by habit), the White House will be occupied by someone closest to my political leanings. He’s not a perfect match – heck, no one is and I do get a bit hot under the collar when people complain about politicians from either side not being a perfect match for them (hello, reality anyone?)

A word to my more conservative readers. I’m sorry. Really, I am. I know that picture spurs a completely different reaction for you. I know exactly how you feel. I was there in 2000/2001. The policial winds of the nation have always blown back and forth. Each down period makes that party stronger as it refocuses and gets in touch with voters and finds the message that will resonate beyond just their most loyal base constiuents. I’d love to reassure you and say it will all be fine, but I know that’s a lie. Because a few of my friends said that in 2000 and IMHO the last 8 years did not prove to be fine at all. So I wont placate with false promises. I do advise my more passionately political friends to find a place where you can rant away with a few like minded folks. That really does help (which is why DailyKos became my political home). Vent and then work on improving the party from within any way you can.

Meanwhile, let’s both make of some low hanging fruit shall we? Yes, that means, the media. Because I really really wish that BREAKING NEWS flashing in RED actually meant that I was about to be told something I absolutely HAD to know about. Horrid as it sounds, there better be fire/flood/destruction etc etc. I had better NOT see that just because Barack Obama’s plane has landed in DC for the first time. Or because the grand parents of Caylee Anthony have arrived for a new conference about the child’s remains being found. Or because John Travolta’s son has died. Those may be *news* items, but they are not BREAKING worthy!!

6 thoughts on “Is it Jan 20 yet?

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  1. I love the fact he sent his girls off to school before he had any meetings. He is a guy with priories that I respect.

    My girls keep asking how long until Jan. 20th. 🙂


  2. I know the hesitant part that Grandy speaks of. He was not my candidate until there was no other candidate I could vote for. I don’t think he holds the answers but as long as he strives to make things better, even just a little bit better until we can get someone worthy of the office in there, I’ll be okay with it.

    Breaking News is different to each of us. Personally, I want to know that John Travolta’s son died. I don’t want to know every time Obama’s plane lands or every time his kids are driven off to school.


  3. I’m ready for the 20th. And I doubt the media is going to get any better than it is. That’s why I peruse so many alternative sources. Maybe they’ll force a change.


  4. No surprise here . . . I am not ready or hopeful for the 20th. Given how low my expectations are for Obama, it will be easy for him to exceed them. I honesty hope he does a bang up job and turns out to be the great President that we need right now. Time will tell . . .


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