Can insomnia be in the air?


I had the oddest insomnia Sunday night. Yeah, Sunday night – right before going back to work after 12 days off. Figures eh? You don’t have sleep interruptions when you can actually sleep in or take a nap. No, you get it the night you finally have to get back to work! Of course. Now, some would suggest that may have been the reason right? But honestly, I don’t think it’s happened to me before. And also quite honestly while I did wail about the enc of the break with everyone else, deep down I am a creature of routine and being back on the more typical schedule was fine with me. No way there would be a subconsious issue with returning to work. I’m weird that way – would lose more sleep over a lack of routine than not 😉

But it was an odd insomnia. Definately not stress related. I’ve had that kind. Something on your mind that just wont settle. For me, I can get to sleep, but then I sleep lightly and when something wakes me up (usually older son coming home), I can’t fall back. It also wasn’t caffiene. That can do a number on me if I have too much over several days or have something like a soda after 5pm. Yeah, very sensitive to it! But then, I would have been tossing and turning with my heart racing. It wasn’t like that at all. No, it was that after MM woke me up around 2:30, I was just..awake. Not restlessly at all. I just was lying there as if asleep, but not. And I could focus on slowing down my breathing and emptying my mind..but it didn’t make anything happen! It was so odd. I didn’t feel like actually getting up and reading or surfing the ‘net or watching tv. It was almost a limbo state. Just lay there, eyes closed, but not asleep. Very odd. Of course I fell into a deep sleep at 4:45 or so with the alarm going off at 6! Argh.

I would have thought nothing of it (slept totally fine from 9:30-6:00 last night!), except that I noticed a local friend twitter about insomnia. Then another. Then this morning the radio show I listen to talked about not sleeping in the last couple of nights. All of them mentioned something like I had. Just an odd state of being awake for no good reason! Hmmm…so it made me wonder, can there be something in the air in San Diego keeping us from sleeping? Just like a high pollen count causes sinus issues and allergies? Did someone throw a lightly caffienated powder in the air? What would impact and entire city’s circadian rythym like that?

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm.

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  1. Actually, I had issues sleeping, and many of my friends did, too… Dread at going back to a full work week after so many of us were off or at least had two weeks of shortened schedules?


  2. I think a lot of people had insomnia on Sunday night. I got lots of tweets on that subject, too. With me it was last night (Tuesday) when I knew I had to get up and out early. I couldn’t fall asleep til after 3 then was up at 7. Not good.


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