An interview and a challenge.

Today is catch up day. I have been presented a some time this morning as my brunch date canceled so I am surfing my friend’s blogs and realized I owe a couple of things.

First off – one full week late – here is a link to an interview that Grandy did of me for her Sunday Stalker Spotlight Series. Not only is Grandy a hoot and a joy to read, but so apparently are her many readers as I have completely enjoyed the one’s she has highlighted so far and I was quite thrilled that she featured lil ole me!

Secondly, LSM tagged me with a challenged issued by Her Bad Mother – a blogging around the world challenge with topic being What Do You Like About Being a Mother? I’m going to copy LSM and list things that I like right now about it (though one item will refer to the past but still applies today).

  1. I love watching them accomplish things. I still remember the day MusicMan learned how to ride a two wheeler bicycle like it was yesterday. We’d been working at it for some time and that first moment when I could let go and watched him take off with confidence it felt as if my heart was riding with him. I feel that with SportsBoy when he scores a touchdown in football and lord knows how awesome would it be if he ever hits a home run in baseball! On a side note: riding on a bike is in no way related to driving in a car. One makes you proud and happy and the other scares the pants of you. Just had to point out that irony πŸ˜‰
  2. I’m stealing this from LSM, but it is something I’ve mentioned a few times before. I love that SB and I are reading the same book together. We recently finished the Harry Potter series and when he completed book 7 last weekend we spent over a hour talking about it. Now we are looking for a new one. He picked up Lord of the Rings but is so far unsure of it. I’ve never gotten into Tolkein so I am skeptical too, but I’ll give it a shot. Hey – anyone have any suggestions?
  3. I love watching the boys interact these days. Since they are so far apart in age it has taken a long time for them to get to a point where they have common interests and it is finally there. I used to have to pay MM to babysit his brother. No more. They look for opportunities to hang out together. I just love that.
  4. Also stealing from LSM, but she is so right – I love that no one needs me for things like bathroom duty or getting dressed or brushing their teeth or getting them every simple thing from the kitchen. Yeah, I didn’t like the little kid stage nearly as much as I like the later years! My youngest is now old enough to clean his own bathroom and help with basic chores and even cook basic items for himself. When they work together they can clean the entire house properly and I can sit in the backyard and read. I shall not complain πŸ˜‰
  5. I love that I can talk to them both as adults. Obviously MM is one, but also SB in the last year has really come along with his thought processes. He was interested in the election, he is getting to understand the business end of sports and how that complicates teams, and he is learning to lok beyond the obvious answers to questions and situations. Witnessing their minds maturing is always a thrill.

And now I must tag people. Since LSM nabbed all the August moms, I’ll expand a bit:

On the Curb





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3 thoughts on “An interview and a challenge.

Add yours

  1. Hmmm…I will have to give that one some thought. I’ll try to get it up this week…or next. πŸ˜‰

    I had a good time interviewing you, and am glad you liked the outcome.

    I loved your pic, you cutie!! πŸ™‚


  2. I’ll go read the interview. Thanks for all the links. I’m always on the look out for blogs and bloggers to check out.

    And most of all, thanks for not tagging me!


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