Consider this a call out August Moms!

August Blogroll

All right ladies – I am calling you out! We all jumped into this blogging thing together a couple of years ago (some of you had to be dragged into it, I know) and I think we’ve all had quite a bit of fun right? We’ve all made new friends, perhaps dragged other friends in and introduced them to each other (Robin, Wreke, Dee, Heidi, Calvin, etc) my apologies if this hasty post leaves anyone out who I’ve ‘found’ thanks to the August Moms.

Anyhoo – I miss you guys! I know some of you have posted now and then but….you are my ‘base’ ya know? 🙂  My Reader used to be filled with your voices and it’s been pretty quiet the last couple of months. I’m hoping summer provides you some time and travels and stories to share. I loved the travel blogs we all got to follow last year and I hope a couple more of you will try that out.

Oh, and while you are pondering what to write about – here s website that was featured on the morning radio show today. – for the movie buffs who’s bladders can’t quite make it through that soda you bought with the popcorn, it tells you exactly the right moment in a movie that you can run and pee and how long you will have. Funny as hell and also truly brilliant! I mean – only on the internet, right?

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