I know there’s something going on

In preparation to write a diary for Daily Kos (cue scary music), I need to drain my brain first.

Happy 4th of July!! Whatever you are doing, be safe, wear sunscreen, and have fun!


SportsBoy has now been in Sweden for over two weeks. He was in a very small village outside of Gothenburg with his grandma and great grandma until yesterday which made it harder to talk to him, but he now he is in Stockholm with his grandpa and able to call. He’s having a wonderful time as usual. Weather has been very good for him – actually rather hot! Starting a daily workout routine to prepare for football practice which kicks in the day after he gets back. Can you believe I just said that? First day of practice is Aug 1 which is now less than one month away! How nuts is that?


So what have I been doing? Well, working of course. Fiscal year end at work was June 30th so our year end craziness has begun and wont end until the auditors complete their work in early September. I’ve been really getting into working out! Either with the circuit training class which I go to twice a week or else doing my best to duplicate a lot of those exercises at home each night. Of course even with SB gone, there are still the boards I sit on to fill up my time. I’ve given my notice to the baseball group that I want out as of July 31. I mean – I need to get out from under these things! There’s been no break just because he is out of town. His messy bedroom? Still not touched! My over grown yard? Still a jungle! But I’ve had fun too – couple of days at the county fair (I think everyone has heard me rave about the heavenly taste of deep fried oreos!) a night out or two. Heck, I even read two books! Woo hoo!

Like many though, the news of the day has been dominant either online or as background noise on the tv. I wanted to post this final video of Michael Jackson that I guess everyone has seen at this point, but I want you to watch through to the end…and listen. Listen to the director say “hold for applause, hold for applause, and…fade to black.” And remember that is exactly what he did. It’s eerie:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Michael Jackson’s Final Video“, posted with vodpod

and one more for you amusement and flash back to the past. Since I was off today I was home when the news was breaking about Sarah Palin resigning as governor of Alaska. And while the speech was not even done and many of my very snarky politically savvy friends were tweeting some truly hysterical comments, all I had in my mind was this song from 1982 by one of the ABBA women, Frida, during her solo career. Cheesy and so very typically 80s:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

I think another shoe is going to drop with this one and no, it isn’t just touring the country to raise money for other GOP politicians or hosting a tv show or being a tv talking head or writing her book, or running for President. We’ll see in the coming days if my newly honed political instincts are right or not 🙂

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