Adam Lambert made me clean my room!


You see, he and Kris were sitting in for Ryan Seacrest for the American Top 40 radio show this weekend. In San Diego that gets broadcast from 8-12 on Sunday mornings. So I stayed up in my room with the alarm clock radio and listened while reading the paper and having breakfast. My plan was to take the portable radio over to SportsBoy’s room and tackle that mess. But first I thought that since I was in my room anyway, why not hang up the clothes? Which was a bigger task than usual since I had two loads plus a load of sheets AND the clothes I picked up from the dry cleaner which needed to be re-hung on my wooden hangers so I could dispose of the plastic coverings and such. Well that lead to me cleaning OUT some clothes and starting a donation pile. Meanwhile my dresser condition really caught my eye and with an “enough is enough” scowl of disgust I got out the dust cloths and started throwing away random things that had made their way there to collect the dust. Then I cleaned off my night stand. By the time the AT40 radio show was over (which was really fun because Adam and Kris are so good together and really funny), one side of my bedroom was nicely cleaned off and all clean clothes in their proper place. Never made it to SB’s room though.

Hey Adam – can you host another radio show so I can finish that up? 🙂

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  1. Deja vu! I ended up doing the same thing today, cleaning and going through everything in one end of my travel trailer, packing up things I will haul back to Wisconsin in two weeks when I go back for it lengthy visit, and tossing some other things. All the time I was keeping one eye on the TV watching a long movie.


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