End of an era

6 years of my life in two file boxes
6 years of my life in two file boxes

Well, not my *entire* life of course, just the baseball league treasurer part.

Fall 2003-Summer 2009. Packed into two boxes to be handed over to the new President and Treasurer sometime this month. Can you tell I am slightly anxious to get this off my task list? It was the one thing I *did* finish yesterday even after I had blown some cleaning energy in my bedroom.

No more writing monthly checks to pay managers.

No more calling in credit card payments every month.

No more trips to the PO box to get their mail.

No more dealing with vendors irritated that we haven’t paid them when they never bothered to send an invoice (don’t you love those businesses? Read my mind about what you owe and pay me on time dammit! Suuuure).

No more smoothing over ruffled feathers when the outgoing president wouldn’t return their calls and emails (he was kinda hit and miss on communication. Hey, we’re *volunteers*!)

No more being caught in the middle of waring personalities.

No more stressing over their tax forms – my single *biggest* accomplishment over the 6 years was getting their non-profit status with Feds and State back on proper footing. A task which seriously ate up my last two summers while SB was gone.

No more sitting in the sun for 8 hours of tryouts.

No more 1099 forms to submit.

No more holiday silent auctions fund raisers.

No more Del Mar Powerhouse Baseball for SportsBoy or me. He moves on to an 8th grade team run by one of the former managers running a team on his own and I…move on to just being a cheering mom.

Hmmm..started out this post all excited about off loading a major pain in the ass list of tasks and am ending it getting all misty-eyed over the reality of what has ended.

It was, after all, the source of the best damn youth baseball games ever. A wonderful group of families and kids many of whom have been together since the kids were just 6. Just look back at my write ups on our Las Vegas weekend to get a glimpse of the wonderful times we shared.


It’s the end of an era. And I will miss it deeply.

6 thoughts on “End of an era

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  1. Christina, there is joy and there is sorrow. End of an era and on to something new ahead for SportsBoy and for you… Enjoy this moment.


  2. SIX YEARS???

    The BS politics and hassle may prevent me from taking a second term on our LL Board! What a group of ungrateful, self-centered, spoiled men!!!!


    1. Calvin – interestingly, the only board I haven’t served on is LL. This was a travel ball league and I am on the pop warner football board, but I avoided LL like the plague because I had heard ours was pretty horrendous too! Something about the LL organizations as a whole I wonder?


  3. I’m sure that something equally time consuming and rewarding and fun will come along. Some of us just can’t sit on our hands when people are asking for volunteers!


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