Testing my toy

I can’t believe I gave up my crackberry! But I had to get an iPhone once the new ones came out. So now I am testing the wordpress app. Will this post? Let’s see!!

5 thoughts on “Testing my toy

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  1. Oh holy mother of a cheese log. I didn’t even know there was a WP app for iPhone (although it doesn’t surprise me). I suppose I will be recharging ye olde iPhone repeatedly next week.

    (See you in six days, BTW!)


    1. Of course there’s an ‘App for That’!! don’t you believe the commercials? ;-)) And this one is FREE!

      methinks a lot of us will be looking for places to plug in laptops and iPhones next week.

      BTW, I arrive rather late on Wed night so you may not see me until Thursday am.


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