It’s seriously too damn hot to be at this laptop for very long and, as usual, I only took a few pics. I must say I like the one I turned into the football season banner (for now). That’s the team showing off their feet for a cleat check before the game. If you’ve been paying attention you can pick out our guy.

So, yeah, they lost. 16-8. And while I could type three paragraphs on why the referee’s were worthless, well, it wouldn’t matter because the most that did was *maybe* make it harder for our team to come back and tie the game. The scores would have happened, flags or no. Still, due to the team struggling, the fans were quite a bit LESS patient with the flag happy refs. Plus, it was hot! Finally summer hits San Diego and it’s during the first weekend of games. Figures. I had to be out there at 7am to help set up and was sweating in 5 mins. Then I returned at 1 to cover a shift as a board member. Normally I transition to parent only during SB’s game, but yesterday I didn’t have that luxury. I had to make sure the crappy refs got paid (some suggested docking them $5 per flag) 🙂 Then I had to stand up and tell the crowd to pipe down. And by “the crowd” I mean largely grandparents (starting with my own dad – yelp!). They were raining some much deserved boos on the refs, but all it would have served to do was to penalize the boys even further so they needed to simmer down. As it was our sideline was hit with a warning penalty for encroaching onto the field.

Anyhoo – the good part was that the boys fought back. They fell behind 16-0 early, then drove down the field to start the 2nd half for a score of their own, and defensively shut them down quite effectively. The offense just could NOT catch a break, or push across the yards needed to keep drives going. Frustrating.

Plus, did I mention it was hot?

Thankfully our family had something fun to look forward to which took our mind off the game since it was my mom’s *%th birthday so we all went out to dinner after meeting up with Sweet Prince and Music Man at the restaurant. A nice plate of pasta made it all better all around 🙂

Heading down for weigh in. Check out the taped up knee brace.
Heading down for weigh in. Check out the taped up knee brace.

The knee help up fine. No additional pains at all and it still felt great this morning so I am declaring him healed.

Pre-game preparations. I really like the look of the jersey this year.
Pre-game preparations. I really like the look of the jersey this year.
Post game - can you tell it was hot?
Post game - can you tell it was hot?

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