New blog recommendation

Everyone take some time this weekend to check out the essays of one of the best damn writers anywhere.

My Imperfect Truth

The writer is a lady who started referring to me as her Cyber Twin when we first ‘met’ on the MotherTalkers site. Being on the east coast she would be commenting on topics many hours before me – and almost ALWAYS saying exactly what I would say! I would just drop in and say “ditto what Katie said” and leave 😉 Recently Katie started writing these wonderful essays on Face book and some she would post at MT. And they floored me. For here is where we part ways. Girlfriend can flat out WRITE. She pours her heart out in such a clear and concise way with descriptions that take you right *there* with her and often up piercing your heart in the process. She lives out in New Hampshire and I’ve been no where near there since our cyber meeting, but one day I WILL meet this fantastic woman and her family.

I promise you will be mightily entertained!

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  1. Well I will have to go give her a looksie. If she’s your twin…I will like her. I just barely have time now to stop by on my beloved bloggy friends. *sigh*


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