Worst book ever?


That title is probably an exaggeration because if it was the worst book ever I would simply have put it down and not plodded through to the end.

Except that perhaps I did stick it out because I felt obligated to since so many August moms were talking about it and saying it will enhance the trip to DC and such. Without that peer pressure I am fairly certain I would have tossed this aside somewhere around chapter 75,000. (ok, that was a slight exaggeration, there are only 60,000 – hah!)

Now, I read The Da Vinci code back about 4 years ago. I was given the one with all the lovely pictures of the pieces of art and other things referenced in that tale. While I don’t remember *loving* that book and feeling like I needed to read more Dan Brown (I’ve never read Angels & Demons), I also don’t remember thinking I would *never* read another of his books.

I will never read another of his books!

Yes, I know that in the post below when I was only about 1/3 through it that I was singing the praises of the quick pace and the short chapters which make it easy to just sneak in a chapter here and there in my busy life.

Yeah, I soon tired of that.

I think it may have been about the 14th  time some character *suddenly* had *something enormous* dawn on him/her and the description of how it *shook the fiber of their being*

Or maybe it was the 33rd time that someone realized that what they *thought* was a Huge Revelation was really only a very very partial reveal. You see, there were Layers. Lots and lots of intricate Layers and apparently it was impossible to just RIP those mystical Layers off without examining each one – and it’s extended surroundings in very minute detail (my eyes glazed over a LOT and I started skipping whole paragraphs a LOT).

Or maybe it was the 8th time that it was declared that pretty much every single mystery of life had been solved by the ancient philosophers & scientists centuries ago but that rather than actually share these findings completely, they had hidden them in symbolism and secret male only clubs and rituals handed down from generation to generation which guarded those secrets with their lives and these secret conspiracies were behind All That Was Important and Powerful century after century and and and….ohmygawdnowIunderstandwhatitallmeans!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah – no, I don’t.

Maybe I just am not patient enough to put up with Dan Brown’s style of writing.  I crave clarity at the end of a book.  I hated that every revelation was really just a teasing of another. It was like an eternal game of  Guess What? No, I am guessing – just tell me for cripessake!!

The only true “twist” in the story that was of any interest was one I figured out back in chapter 15,000 (give or take a few hundred).  Even then, it was poorly fleshed out and made NO sense to me given how the characters had been fleshed out to that point. I felt zero connection TO the characters so I truly didn’t care if they lived or not. And while I am way more like Robert Langdon in my overall skepticism of religion and mystical things, I grew so so tired of the endless debates about science and religion. Particularly at the end when it felt as if Dan Brown was preaching.

And his one reference to twitter as if to show how trendy he is? Felt disconnected and thrown in there to show how trendy he is. Lame.

The whole gist of the book is finding The Word. Well, I have a word for your book Mr Dan Brown – it’s even pretty trendy:


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  1. Be ever so thankful you did not read Angels and Demons. You see, I did and now I WILL NOT READ ANOTHER DAN BROWN BOOK EVER. This blog post confirms that. Thanks! 🙂


  2. As I was saying this morning. It is a piece of pseudo-intellectual pop fiction. I have never read one of his books before and most likely will never read another one. I don’t like how he takes “fact” and weave it in with fiction…I have seen it done in good ways, but this isn’t one of them.

    I only read this book because knowing and being related to many many Freemasons I figured I should read it because I already know many of the Freemason ritual “secrets” so I read it so I could know what was in it when it came up in conversation. I have so many other brain candy books that I actually like so it felt like it stole a bit of my time that I will never get back.


    1. YES – this book stole my time! You know how crazy my schedule is – squeezing in a book is so hard. I put off reading a good friend’s book to read this and I am disgusted about it!


  3. Thanks for the warning. I got dragged in to The DaVinci Code and while I enjoyed the premise, I thought it was horribly written. Against my better judgment, I had actually thought I should read this one prior to our gathering in DC…and now I won’t! I’ve got a Ted Kennedy book I’ve been dying to read and that’s time well spent!


  4. Good to know. I won’t bother with it, then. I read Angels & Demons and kind of liked it. Then I read the DaVinci Code and didn’t much like it. In my opinion, Dan Brown copped out in both when it came to the Catholic Church.

    But it’s his style of writing I really don’t like. I don’t like the short chapters with the cliffhanger at the end of each and then a freakin’ recap at the beginning of the next short chapter. Annoying!

    60,000 chapters…lol!! That sounds about right.


  5. I liked Angels and Demons and loved The Da Vinci code. But The Lost Symbol…very contrived. Not nearly as good as the other books.

    If you want to “enhance” your DC trip, get a few DVD’s — NIght at the Museum Battle fo the Smithsonian and both Natinal Treasure movies.


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