Day by day

Teammates hanging out watching another pop warner team play
Teammates hanging out watching another pop warner team play

Pretty cool when I think about how they have known each other since they were 5 ๐Ÿ™‚

The tortuous stairs that keep me in shape between workouts
The tortuous stairs that keep me in shape between workouts

That announcers booth up there is home base for the checkbook and my purse on Saturday game days. But then I have to run up and down those stairs the whole time chasing kids out of restricted areas, going on the field to pay the refs, just going to the bathroom isย  a hike!

So what have I been up to besides running around that high school football stadium every Saturday? Well, I am counting down to the next August moms gathering. This year we will be in Washington DC and I am BEYOND giddy over it. I mean, a politically obsessed wacko like me in the heart of where it all unfolds? Heaven! On top of that a couple of the gals secured White House & Capitol tour tickets!! I really may not sleep while we are there. I know I will be grinning the whole time. Oh, and then they started a thread on the list to see if anyone who was going had read Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol and those who had said it would really enhance our visit to the city. So being the lemming I am, I ordered the book and started reading it Sunday night:


While his books are not necessarily great works of literature, they ARE fun and easy reads. I love his short chapters which makes it easy to sneak quick reads. I’m already anticipating paying attention to the details in the Capitol Rotunda referenced in the book ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m only 1/3 through it but I am sure I will finish it this weekend.

Meanwhile things are finally easing up at work. It always takes into late September to truly close out the prior year and there are a couple of mad scrambles in the month to get there. Those seem to be done now though which is a huge relief. I would like one area of life to go into cruise control for a bit!

Of course I still don’t have my ergonomic redo in my cubicle. I know it was ordered last week, but I’m still waiting. I’m sure they will show up while I am out of town, right? Murphy’s Law.

Speaking of Murphy’s Law – how’s this one? I went ahead and OK’d the roof repairs on my house 2 weeks ago. Didn’t hear anything and was about to check in when they called. They come tomorrow so I will work from home (and take pics if I can of course!). So what happened LAST night? Well, it rained of course!! I seriously laughed. Not much of course, and certainly not enough to trigger leaking but really – can you believe it?!

Oh and hey – so once the outside IS fixed, can someone tell me what I should do about this?

Pealing ceiling thanks to leak
Pealing ceiling thanks to leak

Of course it is about as high up as any spot on my ceiling:

View of pealing ceiling from downstairs
View of pealing ceiling from downstairs

So do I just lightly sand and re-paint? Well, not me since I’m a total wuss when it comes to heights like that. No, I could NOT sit on the bridge and reach up and do the task! I *would* fall on my ass.

Oh hey, how about some cat pics? You know, because I don’t share enough? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Chip guards the laundry chair & its contents
Chip guards the laundry chair & its contents

You all have one right? A laundry chair or sofa that holds your folded clothes and hamper with clothes to be folded somewhere in your family room so you can watch TV and fold? Sure you do. Just admit it.

Amber in her "I have no feet" pose
Amber in her "I have no feet" pose

Chip will do this too but with his short hair, the effect is not the same.

‘Nite all!

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  1. My cat not only finds the laundry pile, she finds every single piece of WHITE clothing left out and sits on it. When I discover it, my white clothes has brown and grey kitty hair all over it and I have to re-wash it. She did this while I was packing so my two pair of white capri pants got washed three times this week and I didn’t wear any of them at all!


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