Palomar Conference Champions (Again!)

Depending on how you count things, this was #5 for SportsBoy. The Mighty Mite division doesn’t really have a championship playoff round. You play out the regular season and then play a one game Chocolate Bowl game which does make sure to match up the teams according to their records so it does always come down to the #1 and #2 teams which is *like* a championship. In that case, since his team’s went undefeated in 2 of his 3 MM seasons and THEN when he moved up to the more competitive divisions his D1 teams have outright won the PCC – well, he’s 5 for 6. He’s only lost 7 games in that time span. Pretty impressive! So here’s you photo heavy results from yesterday. All photos are going to be up on Flickr as well so just click on the Flickr link on the right for the full set.

Sports Boy had two catches in this game. Yes, just two, but let me tell you, the first was no slouch, but the second? Scary freaking good! The first was not *easy* by any means though he will say it was: (action shots courtesy of #56’s dad)

Snap from #56 to #5. That's our #55 at the bottom heading out.
Down the field, ball in the air
Ball coming down towards his left shoulder, defender closing in
They leap - will he catch it?
Yes he can!

This was in the first half and it led to a field goal by our studly kicker. That field goal ended up being the difference too. So they finished the 1st half up 17-6. And they never scored again. The second half was all about defense and field position. The green team (yes, same one he scored his touchdown pass against earlier in the year, but if you recall, we missed the extra point and hence lost to them 8-6), came back in the 4th quarter with a huge touchdown pass. Then they had a strong defensive stand of their own and then returned a punt to the 7 yard line. 1st and goal, they were down by just 3 now with 3 minutes to go and looked like they had an easy so ahead touchdown in front of them. 4 tries. One penalty flag for a false start moved them back 5. A run moved them back to the 7. Another to the 3. THREE YARDS! I’m now using my board access and am on the field, behind the end zone and trying not to cry from the stress. There is NO WAY my son’s pop warner career is going to end here, is there? Not after the guts he was showing coming off of the flu, a pulled hamstring, a foot that was rolled on at the end of the half and was heavily taped. A knee newly sore thanks to that hamstring strain. And after making a catch that made people’s eyes pop out (pics to follow). I was seriously flipping out. A time out is called and the Best Coach Ever goes out there and just keeps saying “You gotta believe!” He said later that when he went out there to a man (yes, at this point these boys become men), they looked at him with determination and not a shred of doubt in their eyes. They KNEW they could stop them.

And they did. And when it was over, oh yeah, I cried.

And now, the Sports Center Top Ten play worthy catch:

This time coming in over his right shoulder. Again, defender right where he should be
He leaps, arm up and I'm thinking "Just knock it away baby, don't let the guy intercept it"
The leaping, one handed grab.
Pulling it down to his body as he goes down, defender on his back
Second hand covers the ball as they both go down
Best bud #25 runs up "Dude, no WAY!"

Yes, way 🙂

Congrats to the team and to two friends who have shared many years of baseball glory together, and who are blessed this season to be on the same football team for the first time too:

Glory Days



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