Aint technology grand?


I promise this is not a political post, but get this:

One of the front pager writers from DailyKos is sitting in on the Rules Committee hearing on the House Health Care Bill. He’s there courtesy of the Chairwoman, Rep Louise Slaughter who got him on as credentialed media. He’s covering it by “live tweeting” sending along 140 character updates via twitter every minute or so. It’s like having a play by play announcer in the room. Meanwhile, I am listening to the live stream of the hearing – listening, because they traditionally don’t have cameras in the hearing rooms like they do on the Congressional or Senate floors. While I am listening, it is easy to lose track of whose voice belongs to which Rep. A quick tweet to the DailyKos writer, and I get an answer! I can TALK to someone IN the hearing room which it all happens! And as he pointed out a minute ago, this hearing session is WAAAY more productive and respectful & less about theatrics & bombast. There’s a couple of members on this committee who have been *quite* theatrical with their floor speeches to the point of some sharp criticism, but in this hearing they are being quite subdued and reasonable. Is it the lack of cameras I wonder? đŸ™‚

It doesn’t matter – I am just flabbergasted at how accessible this all is! I mean – five years ago coulf I have imagined this kind of inside access? Heck no!!

I love technology!!



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