How to heal a pulled hamstring

Fall season surf at Torrey Pines State Beach

The best way to heal a hamstring strain? Ice and the flu. Why the flu? Because it knocks you on your ass and you therefore stay off the hamstring 🙂

SportsBoy came home from school (when I had been stressing over him walking between classes and then having to walk home on the sore leg) on Monday with a 102 fever. He had something to eat and then lay down on the sofa and passed out until I got home nearly 2 hours later. He pretty much remained on that sofa or in his bed for the next 48 hours. The fever broke for good around mid-day yesterday so he still has to stay home one more day (24hours fever free before you go back to school). Meanwhile as he’s felt better he’s started expending some of that pent up energy and let me just say unequivocally that the hamstring is F-I-N-E!

Meanwhile I did nothing. Well, no, I did do some work that I could do from home. But I had these big plans to maybe read, or write, or get a jump start on cleaning the house. I did none of it. When there are two cats laying around and one 13 year old, it is rather hard to get motivated to be the only one being productive 😉

At least I got out of the house and worked out last night. That felt GOOD. And I’m back at work today since he no longer needs my regular attention at this point.

Of course the cats might be confused. Or, they might get some rest! When I am home, I apparently require double feline escorts to every corner of the house. While they normally sleep through the day, there was no sleeping going on unless I settled in one room for any length of time. Tuesday when my home base was up in my room and I was going back and forth between SB downstairs on the couch and then back up to my temporary desk setup, those cats got their exercise! Yesterday I gave them a break and stayed downstairs and just put on earplugs and had SB lower the volume on the tv.

It’s amazing how I managed to exist pre-cats without their constant protection ;->>

The photo above is from last week as I drove in to work. When fall REALLY, FINALLY arrived it made the air on the shore so clear and beautiful that I had to bring the camera with me and stop for some shots. The waves are rather anemic this time of year, but still beautiful.

2 thoughts on “How to heal a pulled hamstring

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  1. Oh, photos like that, especially in a New England late autumn, make me nostalgic for SoCal…glad the boy is feeling better. I love my kitty companions!


  2. Funny how life provides! I’m sure it would have been really tough to keep him down while that hamstring healed had he not been sick! At least it healed!

    I’m glad you’re giving the kitties a break from body guard duty.


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