Thus endeth the Pop Warner career


That face breaks my heart.

The final score broke my heart – 24-3. Even though we were the first team all season to shut them out in the first half and to have them down at the half, they were just bigger and stronger and had more players so they could be fresher in that second half and they flat out wore us down.

Seeing #55 make run all the way down the field and then dive to attempt to trip up the runner on their 3rd TD and seeing him face down on the field after the effort failed broke my heart.

Football breaks your heart.


Our hearts were broken because we hate to have it end. Because it’s been 6 years of pure fun. Because for the last 5 years he’s had the best coach ever. A coach who first taught him discipline and the concept of TEAM. Then he taught him the game, play by play, formation by formation. Then he asked the boys to give each other 100% every play. To play with THEIR hearts. Knowing that the potential is always there for it to be broken. And then when it is, how you dig deeper and find the courage to play your hardest again on the next play, the next game, the next season.

I can’t speak for any of the other kids, but I know that mine was perfectly matched with this coach and has grown and learned so much because of it. I know he is ready for the next challenge – Freshman football. I know he will be bringing something with him that will make up for his lack of size.

A deeper knowledge of and instinct for the game.

Determination and discipline and toughness.

And a heart stronger and bigger than anyone else.

4 thoughts on “Thus endeth the Pop Warner career

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  1. It’s too bad that it all ended like this but look how far he has come! Football has taught him so much and he has gained discipline and so much good stuff! And of course, this kind of thing will prepare him for all those other times in life when things don’t go as we hope!


  2. Oh the disappointment does break your heart. Our boys were absolutely heart broken after they lost their final game in 6 OT’s. The winner of the game got to move on to playoffs. Ugh! What a ride, that pop warner career.


    1. Holy crap! SIX OT’s??? I am quite certain I’d have been in the hospital over that!!

      Pop Warner has been THE BEST sporting experience for my son. And the family has kind of enjoyed the ride too 😉


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