Who opened a Christmas store in my house?

Oh yeah – that would be me 🙂

Beyond the goofy boys laughing at themselves, notice that no surface is left undecorated.
Tree without ornaments. Love that the camera caught the star going from green to blue

Winter theme on the piano

Standard mantle setup.
New display for this year. Large table moved to make room for tree will hold holiday cards.

Considering that I used to frame the three big french doors/window with tinsel + lights, this is actually somewhat subdued 😉

3 thoughts on “Who opened a Christmas store in my house?

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    1. Oh but there IS Michael – and I swear I hard your voice in my head as I chose what to use on the candle holders! Hard to see in this photo, but there is greenery around the candle sticks on each end and also in front of the two red candle holders. It’s there, it’s there! Just for you 🙂


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