What Black Friday means to me

Rearranging furniture with feline assistance
Amber must properly inspect all decorations before use
Further inspection
This one really needs deeper attention
Ok mommy, all clear!
Now, to figure what to do with all these holiday knic knacs (besides using them as my header for now!)

4 thoughts on “What Black Friday means to me

Add yours

  1. Oh good grief! I thought for all of 2 seconds today about getting my decorations out. Then…well…then I just got on the laptop instead. LOL!

    Hope you had a great Turkey Day!! 🙂


  2. Very cute kitty!

    I love that you put up your Christmas stuff so early. I try to get it up by the 15th of December. This year I will probably not do anything. I leave home on the 18th and I won’t be back until around the 29th so it seems like an awful lot of work for just a couple of days.


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