Ok, fine. I am thankful for something ;-)

Yes yes, I thrive more completely on snark and sarcasm and humor. However, after spending some time reading and hearing about what other people are facing this holiday….

I sat in the parking lot at the grocery store waiting for son #1 to come out and watched the cars and people busting around, dashing in for the last minute meal trimmings and I wondered, are they going to enjoy themselves? Will they be like that turkey up there? At some point in the day hiding from Uncle so and so, or the sister who tried to steal the inheritance from their parents, or the entire set of cousins angling for Grandma’s money *now*, before she even dies? Or the relative from a different political side who just can NOT learn when to shut up and starts a fight before the turkey is carved without fail? Yes, I’ve heard of all of those in the past two weeks. People who are making sure to sneak in enough hard liquor to ensure numbing of the inevitable arguments and uncomfortable moments.

And that makes me thankful that our small gathering of my parents, boys, boyfriend + friend from high school will be completely drama-free. We’ll have food we count on having every year – and the routine provides comfort. (Even though I really can’t stand turkey..I’d be helping that guy up there hide all day!) But it’s the little things that provide stability when life goes haywire all around you. Which, I guess, is even what people with perhaps more dramatic families share as well – the comfort of what you know, even if it isn’t always totally peaceful 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

2 thoughts on “Ok, fine. I am thankful for something ;-)

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  1. This post made me smile…I’ll be sure to leave the drama at home, lol…see u in a few hours! Trying not to eat until then…Jax


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