Holidailies, Wheel-O & cookies.

No, I am not participating this year, BUT, I really enjoyed it last year and I wanted to encourage anyone NOT burned out by NaBloPoMo or, perhaps, on a roll from that to check out participating in Holidailies. There were some really fun writing prompts provided last year. My favorite had to do with writing a letter to Santa & then also posting about childhood toys. In fact, one of those posts about toys has some particular highlights! It’s titled Hair, Hair, beautiful Hair! On thanksgiving, if you were following my frantic tweets, oldest took out the photo albums and I was lovingly raked over the coals by my dear boys and Jacqueline. Specifically for the charming pixie style hair cut that my mom subjected me to for a very long time. Oddly, that Hair! post generated a LOT of traffic later on as people did google searches on pixie cut! Aack, may it NOT be in style!! PLEASE! (note to Jax: Check it out, I don’t think you saw it last year and it also showcases Velvet – the doll with the growing hair you saw in one of those old photographs!)

For some reason when I thought of the old toy meme the first thing that came to my mind was the Wheel-O:

Is that thing totally a ’70s toy or what?? Complete with psychedelic inserts to totally blow your mind as you get that Wheel-O up to speed with just the right flick of the wrist! I distinctly remember the whirring sound, the feel of it in my hands, and just how annoying it would be when the wheel would get off-kilter! But I also remember carrying it around a lot, just mindlessly flicking and flicking as my mind wandered off to never never land. Kinda like scrolling on a mouse nowadays 😉

I’m also going to start a Recipe page/tab up top – yes, copying from many of my blogging friends with a similar page on their sites. I’ll holler when I put a new one in, but I am sure it will start out heavy on cookies cookies cookies!! For some reason I’ve recently taken to wanting to bake cookies as soon as December arrives. I must thank my August mom friend in PA today for starting a thread for a cookie recipe exchange. Yummm….three new ones to try right off the top!

So – feel free to share your favorite childhood toys  in the comments (or steal the idea for a blog post of your own!), and please please, do share your favorite cookie recipes with me at ANY time. Baking will commence this weekend 🙂

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  1. Soccer Boy got into my grandmother’s photos over Thanksgiving. His comment? “Mom, you had REALLY BIG glasses when you were a kid.” Nice.


  2. Wheel-O was around when I was growing up although I didn’t know that was the name of those things til I read it herre. I grew up in the 50’s! So yeah, they’ve been around for ages and ages!


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