Monday before Christmas quiz & etiquette ?

Anyone starting to feel like this?

I *was * starting to when I thought about all I had to do before Friday combined with parties/lunches/workouts/rides I had to deal with. Thankfully though, lunchtime shopping today was fruitful & while I was have to do that again on Wednesday I feel somewhat relieved.

Meanwhile….here I am full of questions again! (balancing out last week’s How To posts)

First, a critical Christmas Card etiquette question! I utterly blew it and did not print out an address list as I was mailing out cards to check them off as I sent them out. Saturday I received a card from someone and I am NOT sure if I sent one out to them or not! I *think* I didn’t…but I also know I stared at their name in my address book for a bit trying to decide if I should send one with a letter or not (only a few need one of those) and because..well..I had to prioritize them right? Can’t run out & I always leave a few at the end for people I know I DO forget about. Anyhoo…my dilemma: do I send one and risk duplication? Is that worse than not sending one to them at all?

Now for the quiz:

  1. Are you done shopping for gifts?
  2. Do you go Christmas caroling or do carolers come by your place?
  3. Does Santa wrap gifts or just leave them under the tree as is?
  4. Does Santa put together anything that needs assembly?
  5. What is the latest Santa’s Elves were up completing such assembly?

I’ll post my answers to those 5 questions later this week. When I will hopefully be done with #1 since I am not yet! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Monday before Christmas quiz & etiquette ?

Add yours

  1. Send one, even if it turns out to be a duplicate!

    1. All done. I usually end up doing limitless stocking stuffers and pick some up even as the stores close on Christmas Eve so that may still happen.

    2. I’ve never had carolers come by my house. I did go caroling with the kids when they were in scouts. Great fun!

    3. Everything used to be wrapped except one BIG present that was from Santa. Now everything is wrapped (kids grew up!)

    4. If it needed assembling, it was definitely done before the morning.

    5. Probably about 4 AM. Then the kids were up at the crack of…no make that BEFORE the crack of dawn!


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