Birdie num nums

House finches enjoying a new source of food

Sweet Prince brought this bird feeder over from work on Christmas Eve & I nearly rejected it. Fear of rats & too much mess. But, I do still have that rat trap service on contract from several summers ago, and we’ve now been two full seasons without even a sign of a rat, living or dead. I have this perfect tree to hang it on right outside the back set of french doors. It’s all pebbles below so hopefully it wont cause an explosion of weed growth and I knew the birds would love it. And, of course so would the cats πŸ™‚

Amber in her newly permanent pose looking out the window

Within 24 hours I had a small flock of finches calling my yard and the trees surrounding it home. They are pretty, but I am more interested in what might follow them.

Rufous Crowned sparrow foraging on the ground below the feeder

Trust me on that πŸ™‚ I just did a feature by feature comparison of this guy to my bird book to secure an ID. He’s much more skittish and seems to be traveling alone so there is just one for now. But I know we also have White Crowned sparrows in the area and I really hope they come in. And once a yard becomes bird friendly, others do follow. I know I’ve already have one Yellow Rumped Warbler (aka butterbutt) and another warbler variety that I could not immediately ID. Even though they are not seed eaters, the activity brings them in. Now I’m thinking about a water source for them πŸ™‚

Meanwhile the cats just sit and stare. Heck, I do too! Gotta clean that window for better viewing and picture taking. Oh, and they wont like it when I take down the Christmas lights. They have been using the strands as perches!

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  1. I love watching birds. I don’t have a bird feeder. I keep saying I will get one but I don’t. When I moved here I got one but the birdies didn’t like where I put it, I guess, because they didn’t come until last December when it snowed and they had no food. Then they came and ate but as soon as the snow melted, the birds left. I want them back!


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