Pics from Christmas Day

The stage is set
Mid-mocking of Horatio Cane (CSI Miami for the uninitiated)
I handed the camera to SP and said "this is your task" so he just started snapping away.
Doesn't evey family stand around on Christmas morning deeply debating the pros and cons of each CSI show?
Enough debate - let's see what is in those presents!
Santa hands out gifts
Amazing how happy a cutting edge lint roller can make a cat owner!
One occasionaly brave kitty would venture down to watch the fun.
The sports scrapbooks were completed. Best gift of the day!
Was he EVER that small?

The albums span 2002-present. My mom has been collecting photos and my write ups and other things to record his feats of glory. The books came out GREAT! SB may not appreciate them now, but he will. In the meantime, I’ll sure enjoy them!

I’ll also enjoy that glorious lint roller (you rinse it off, no changing paper, plus there was a purse sized one too), and digital photo frame – perfect for someone who almost never prints out anything!

Unfortunately the photographer was again handed a camera without full battery and just when I might have thought to say, hey, lets take a nice posed group photo? Dead battery. Sigh………..

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  1. Oh what a great gift in the photo albums!!! How very cool!! Your lint roller…no picture of that? As the owner of two dogs, I’d appreciate it if you would. LOL!! 😉


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