Merry Christmas Eve

Cookies & cards & crystal oh my!
Stockings ready for stuffing
Yes, the cats each have a stocking. Yes, already full of treats. Yes, Amber has attempted to retrieve them 🙂
Wrapped & ready to go!

Also, for a little spike of your own Christmas spirit – please go read this post.  Erika & Jenn are lovely ladies who I’ve followed since last year around election time and I’ve just fallen in love with the writing on their blog. They are trying to adopt in case that picture at the end confused you 🙂 Adoption has been big this year amongst my friends. Two families who I met through DailyKos and have since met in real life at either Yearly Kos or Netroots Nation have added to their families through adoption. One family flew all the way to Africa to bring home their new son just last month. Another couple took in two children as foster parents first and then transitioned to adoption. Each family’s journey through the process has been unique and challenging with many many hurdles to be overcome and the inevitable endless span of simply waiting. I’m crossing my fingers that Erika’s post means they are another step closer in their quest to become parents. Nothing like a new family member to love as just the perfect Christmas gift eh?

Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. Beautiful pictures Christina! And as much as I’d love to say that Be Gay About It is a joint venture, I must admit…it’s all Erika. I just let her stick my name in there once in a while.

    Happy happy Christmas!


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