Relax would ya?

I suppose that’s a good thing as it means no drama. Actually, today being a holiday, and with it raining, I am actually free to read. Funny isn’t though, that if you have no alarm to wake you up, no pressing reason to actually leave the bed (other than inevitable hunger) and no where particularly to go, that we still have to bargain with ourselves that it is OK to just lay there. OK to not get dressed. OK to just pick up your reading material and fall into it as long as you want. I’ve had to bargain with myself  “Ok, get one load of laundry started & vacuum & then you can read.” We are so programmed especially if at home to be doing “something” productive. Crazy.

One thought on “Relax would ya?

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  1. Very slow day. I don’t think I got dressed until almost three this afternoon and that is really rare for me. I can’t be in my pjs past the time someone might come knocking at my door (8 ish). So for me to stay in pjs til three was really something.

    It’s too bad we have to give ourselves permission to just lounge or read or do nothing.


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