Does your bathroom have a guard cat?

Chip has declared himself Guardian of the Bathroom. Every night when I go upstairs for bed, he is in there. I walk in, he scoots out. OK, correction, I walk in and I boot him out. I really don’t want him sniffing at the edge of my underwear while I am seated, you know? If I let him stay, he thinks it’s primo opportunity to nuzzle me for head scratches. After a good panty sniffing first of course. So, I boot him out. And he sits quietly, but I am sure quite indignantly on the other side. As soon as I open the door, he scoots past my legs back to HIS throne either on the rug, or in the tub. Yes, in the tub. Yes, I may have once or twice been truly evil and turned the water on him. Not anymore though. It’s clearly his safe place. And he keeps it safe from spiders and bugs. I just wish he’d figure out how to clean the dang thing for me. THEN he would really be King of the Porcelin Throne!

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  1. Funny the relationship animals have with the bathroom. It is truly rare for me not to have animal companionship in the bathroom – whether it be feline or lagomorphic. When they hear me head into the bathroom one of my four creatures will trot in right behind me and jump into their litter box. It’s as if they think, “hey, that sounds like a fine idea. Let’s have a bit of syncronized peeing.” Fortunately, when it comes to doing # 2, they are a bit more discreet and won’t do that in front of me. Trust me, I appreciate it.

    But, I do get how the panty sniffing may be a bit disturbing.


  2. I was enjoying a rare bath the other week. The cat was nosing around, then sitting on the toilet staring at the water. Eventually, she started walking around the edge of the tub, sniffing the water. I would not have been surprised at all if she had slipped in, but (very) thankfully she didn’t! Next time, I’ll just keep the door shut.


  3. My cat loves the bathmat, so sometimes I put it back down for him to sleep on! He also loves the bit of floor near the radiator where the pipes lie close under the floor and it’s all warm!


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