Cheers & Jeers subsitute hosting on Daily Kos

Because I promised I would share (though I did also write a Netroots Nation auction solicitation diary on Saturday, I didn’t necessarily want to to document that one for posterity). Posted at DailyKos at 6am pst since the kiddie pool dwellers start twitching if they don’t have their morning playground by 9am est. Bill usually posts at 8am so I couldn’t keep ’em waiting too long!


From a laptop in a modest duplex in the lower left corner of the US (kitty-corner from Portland Maine!), I bring you a little taste of Spring to brighten your morning and provide hope to those of you in somewhat colder climates.

Disclaimer: I’m not Bill & could never BE Bill (though I might want to be him right now since he’s sipping umbrella drinks on the warm sand in Key West with Michael). ‘nuff said.

Now, who has the hammer for the gong? It was supposed to left right here…..shoot..well…maybe if I just whack it with my fist…Cheers & Jeers starts in There’s Moreville..[whoosh]RIGHT NOW![thud! OWOWOWOW!]

Cheers to the signs of spring in my backyard:

Leaf sprigs that just started showing this week on my peach tree.


Star jasmine blooming just this week making my yard smell so glorious!


Calla lily.


Color starting to pop.

Jeers to the horrible timing of each El Nino rain storm we are getting this winter. 7 of the last 9 weekends – specifically Saturdays – have been wet. And not just sprinkles wet, but steady rain/downpours all day bringing an inch of water or more every weekend. My son’s baseball team hasn’t played a game since early December – and in this part of country where they can normally play year ‘round, this is really frustrating!

Jeers to the utter lack of journalistic standards just about everywhere you look. Forget the obvious such as Faux News, I’m talking about a political writer at the supposedly grand old New York Times. Rumor and innuendo much sir?

Cheers to The Daily Show and this fabulous segment on Chat Roulette. Double Cheers to the folks who played along so hilariously: Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams and Keith Olbermann. I laughed so hard watching this bit the first time that I scared the cats and woke up my son.

Speaking of cats and sources of laughter – Cheers – to the most Interesting Cat in the World! A cat who apparently goes by many names according to his human. He sucks fingers, trips up unwary owners, saunters around the house adorned in underwear headgear and has recently taken up fetching loose change around the house. Hence his most recent moniker #moneycat. Said pootie belongs to a must follow on twitter: @socratic – also his username here on DK. Seriously the funniest damn cat I’ve had the pleasure to meet on the innertubes.

Cheers to Keith Olbermann not only for his heart felt comments about health care and his father, but also for the other side of Keith that I’ve always loved: his baseball blog. His knowledge of the history of the game is probably only matched by the proprietors of the Hall of Fame. Speaking of which, his postings from this past summer when he got to pick through the archives of memorabilia were fantastic. I swear I could sit down with Keith and talk to him for literally hours and not once would we mention politics!

Cheers to safe flights bringing our two cabana boys home safely to us. While it’s an honor to step in for Bill so that he can enjoy some vacation time and still yet we can all splash around, there is nothing like the man himself. Gotta admit though, that 5 years ago when I started reading I would never have imagined I’d have the nerve to volunteer for this monumental task! I still remember those first round of subs in 2005 who bravely keep the pool open and thinking to myself “better you than me my friends!” Well, here I am now with the keys to sub-pool and I gotta say – it was fun!

So here you go all you Wankers, Spankers & Pervs – pools open – splash around and tell us – what you cheering and jeering about today?

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