Signs of Spring at the feeder

Townsends Warbler flitting amongst the budding leaves on the peach tree
Fledgling House Sparrows begging for food from an adult

I noticed the fledglings yesterday. There are 5 total with this one male going back and forth from the feeder to an open, squealing mouth. They are quite annoying when they are all lined up whining for food (gee, not unlike human children eh?!)

Interesting behavior note – my backyard flock is made up of Mourning Doves (6-8), White Crowned Sparrows (6-8), House Sparrows (12+) and House Finches (12+) with the occasional Lesser Goldfinch and one or two Song Sparrows. (Warblers and Hummingbirds and Black Phoebe’s too, but they don’t use the seed feeder). I’ve noticed that whenever I scatter them by going outside to refill the feeder or water the plants that the first bird back is *always* the Song Sparrow. Given the it is the one most likely to be alone and the shyest of the flock that always surprises me that he/she seems to be either the Braveheart or the unofficial scout. Of course, it could be something as simple as the Song Sparrow seeing it as his chance to get about 30 seconds of feeder time to himself 🙂

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  1. You’d like my new office. I have a large tree right outside my second floor window, so I have lots of bird watching opportunities during the day. So far, I’ve spotted some beautiful cardinals and a big, fat blue jay, plus several others I can’t identify. I need your expertise!


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