My kind of work out – hiking the Flat Rock trail

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Testing a new WordPress slide show feature. 22 pics should rotate along. Perfect spring day – sunny but cool enough for a good workout without being over heated. After being thoroughly gassed during the first half of the workout Wed night with the group, I decided it’s time to build up the aerobic stamina a bit more. It was darn embarrassing how winded I got! So I drove up to work and walked across from there to the Flat Rock/Broken Hill trail. I alternately ran/walked (trails are too crowded to run the whole way) both down and then back up taking a break at the bottom for water and twitter pics 🙂 The flowers are on display right now.  I’m toying with going back tomorrow with the good camera vs just the iphone. Yellow everywhere with sprigs of red and purple interspersed if you are paying attention.

I passed a LOT of joggers with headphones on. I get that. Not everyone wants to hear the birds like I do, but boy did they miss out! I was able to pick out and identify the songs of about 10 different birds. Jays, towhees, warblers, thrashers, sparrows and hummingbirds all serenaded me.

As I made the turn back off the trail and onto the pavement along the golf course, I was treated to the rare alarm call of the Lesser Amateur Weekend Duffer. He was in fine voice too! A lovely string of  “Gaaaawd DAMMIT! FORWARD FORWARD, not the the RIGHT! Arggggggh!! SHIT!”  Yep – he’s in spring season form all right 🙂

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