Blog post of the week & promised pics

There are SO MANY mommy bloggers out there, and it’s fabulous. Really. Heck, it’s a darn *industry*! And yes, having met a daddy-blogger last week I know they are starting to come out of the closet more and more. Still, there is just something extra special about a dad writing about moments with his kids. Like this one from my Dkos friend DWreck:

The Majesty of Spring – just beautiful!

And now, thanks to the release of a necessary item (or perhaps, locating it behind the reading chair in my room. wtf?) I can finally reveal the creature that drives my cat MAD:

I had no idea we had chipmunks in the suburbs! I’ve seen rabbits & squirrels when out walking through the greenbelts & school/park areas, but never this little guy. He’s bold too. Did not care that Amber & were just on the other side of the door. He came back yesterday and spent time hanging out in the peach tree, scrambling from branch to branch, occasionally dropping down to the ground to grab some overflow from the bird feeder (this particular mix has some nuts which is probably what brought him here).  Of course with his super fast darting movements and then his bold nature coming right up near the door, Amber thinks he’s the PERFECT toy/snack! Oh does she huff! Have you heard a cat huff before? It’s even funnier than what I call chittering. It’s like she’s thinking “I’ll huff & I’ll puff & I’ll blow this door down so I can get the pretty chipmunk!!”

Meanwhile another side effect of the bird feeder are the sunflower plants. They start to sprout just below the feeder of course. I move them once they drop the outer shell. I probably have a dozen spread around the back yard at this point. One is already 2 feet tall and has a bud. We’ll see how that goes. It would be loads cheaper to provide the birds with a naturally growing source of food! Plus, they are quite pretty.

Last official workday of vacation 😦

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  1. I’ve heard my cats huff before. Usually when they’re bored or frustrated.

    Fun stuff, watching a cat trying to will himself through a glass door to get to the prize beyond…


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