Book reviews to get my camera chord released from prison

Fourth Procedure Fourth Procedure by Stanley Pottinger

My rating: 3 of 5 stars A thriller with a political message. Very interesting. As someone else wrote “you will never view abortion the same way again” True. Embedded within an otherwise run of the mill psycho thriller with a rather outlandish plot line were some pretty fascinating discussions about abortion. If not for that, I might have rated this with just two stars because the plot really was way too contrived and completely out of the realm of reality. This book also had what I call gratuitous sex scenes – they added nothing to the story or character development. I’m not sure that I will seek out this author again. View all my reviews >>

Wuthering Heights Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Yes, I was re-reading this after being forced to read it in high school. The only memory I had of it was that I pictured a very dark, stormy/windy outdoor setting on the moors with very passionate tragic figures struggling against that wind.

Hmmm….upon further review…my memory was spot on!! It did take awhile to get into the story. I kind of slogged through the first 1/3 of the book in fits & starts perhaps a chapter or 2 at a time (and they are short chapters). But close to mid way through I was completely engrossed and I probably finished the last 1/2 over two marathon days of reading. What an intense, tragic, dark tale of unrequited love. For someone who apparently never experience love herself, Ms Bronte sure did understand it’s depth and power over even someone as otherwise hateful and cruel as Heathcliff.

Since I really don’t want to end up writing an English paper about this – I’ll just wrap by saying that I do see why this is considered such classic literature. I am very glad I chose to read it again and enjoy it for pleasure.

View all my reviews >>

Ok, San Diego Momma – can I have my chord back now? Since you are new to the blog I will let you know that my book choices will be very outdated since I am catching up after no reading for a long time and also because my friend’s collection that I inherited was kinda outdated too  – but it will keep me reading through the end of the year for sure. My goal is 52 books minimum. Since these were books #17 & 18 I am still on track (yay!). Now PLEASE..I’m desperate!

(No actual camera chords were harmed in this episode of Desperate Crazy Blogger Housewives.)

One thought on “Book reviews to get my camera chord released from prison

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  1. I will give it back after Book #52.

    (Have you read The Great Gatsby? I read it quite recently and was glad I did. SO different from “today’s” fiction.)

    (Also the His Dark Materials series? AWESOME!)


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