Vegas hangover

Yes, I owe a Vegas a report and yes, I will get to it. However, I am currently

  1. Tired.
  2. Battling the cold which did NOT take hold last week, but seems to be making a re-attempt this week.
  3. Really really tired.
  4. Way too into watching Adam Lambert over and over on my DVR.
  5. Super duper tired.
  6. Completely frightened by the mountain of laundry I really must start tonight.
  7. Abso-freakin-lutely wiped the eff OUT.

5 thoughts on “Vegas hangover

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  1. I asked my mom who she’s rooting for on Idol. “That tall guy who was so bad at first but now is great.”

    Who are you talking about, I asked her.

    “The guy who wears black nail polish.”

    That’s Adam. He’s never been bad.

    “Yeah, Ring of Fire! But after that he looked so nice in his suit. He’s our favorite now.”

    Mom’s a true Johnny Cash Fan. I can see why she didn’t like Adam at first.


    1. Too funny! I understand that Ring of Fire was a love or hate deal. I’ve now got all of his songs on itunes and listen at least once a day and I love all of them – even that one. It grows on you. But really – his best IMHO opinion are the slower ones. Tracks of My Tears is stunning and Mad World is right there with it. I have new appreciation for those songs thanks to Adam.


  2. I personally loved his rendition of Ring of Fire, but I love all his songs. He’s talented.

    But, is Adam very tall? I don’t think so but my mom does.


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