Go Team!

As this election season enters it’s final 30 days when things will get uglier – as oh so nicely announced by the campaigns! – I am feeling the need to pull back my view lest I get too caught up in the polarization of it all. The Us vs Them thing. You see, there are oh so many people on the Them side who I otherwise love and respect and generally have to live with every day 😉 I don’t want to get sucked into thinking of them is Those terms (you know, as Them vs them). Yeah, my head hurts thinking about it too.

So here’s the thing. Rather than think of it as The Most Important Election of my lifetime and start getting all “How can you possibly even believe this crap and support ‘x’ or ‘y’?” and get frustrated at people, I’ve decided to think of it in sports terms. We’re just fans of different teams! That’s all! Really really dedicated fans who support our team in good times and bad. We support our team no matter who the people are on it. Because it is not about the players, but those colors on their jersey. And if you are a member of my team, I will stick with you no matter what. Even if I did not choose for you to be on my team. It doesn’t matter. Once you put those colors on the team loyalty comes first. Both team’s fans will find a way to justify all manner of things to be supportive of their players. Much like San Fransisco Giants fans cheering mightily for their steroid created home run king Barry Bonds – who’s name and visage was literally *no where* to be found this past season now that he is out of the game. Or how Dallas Cowboys fans adore and defend their Terrel Owens – the same one they booed and threatened when he was on another team and dissed their precious Star on their stadium floor. Or how Dodgers fans suddenly LOVE Joe Torre and Manny Ramirez. Oh, wouldn’t a Dodger/Red Sox series be INTRIGUING?? I know, you would think I would root for the blue team on that one, but there is just no way 😉

So when my head is spinning trying to figure out how people can defend and support the other side, I take a deep breath and remember that they have to. That is their team.

I also always try to believe that everyone’s motivations are pure. Joe Biden mentioned a story about that in the VP debate. When asked about when in his political career he has had a change of heart or mind he told a story about being locked into a very deep battle with Jesse Helms where he was starting to think personally ill of Jesse, when another Senator reminded Joe that Jesse was doing the job for the same reasons – he had a family to support who’s future he cared about. He loved his country as much as Joe did. They just approached the solutions to the problems from differnet angles, but their motivations were based on the same things. Now, the truly cynical can argue quite correctly that there are probably more than one or two politicians who’s motives may not be completely pure, but I don’t choose to look at the world, or other people, that way.

So for the next 30 days I will root for my team, some of you will root for yours, and in the end we will shake hands and say “good game”.

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  1. That’s a good philosophy to take on. I find myself getting angry and saying some pretty derisive things about people who I feel are buying all the bullsh$t and the blatant pandering that I feel is going on with the, er, other team. It’s so helpful for me to have a good colleague who is on that other team. We’re as different as night and day, but because we have affection and respect one another we can joke about our political differences and not once do I think less of him for holding those views. I only wish I could maintain the same respect (I shan’t push it and say affection) for the other team and their fans as I do for my friend. I’m trying though. I’m really trying.


  2. I am one of the Red Sox kind-of-faithful (although I grew up with Dodger Blue running through my veins) and I will tell you that we are SO glad to be rid of Manny being Manny Rodriguez!! I don’t care how well he plays for the Dodgers, you just can’t imagine what a relief it was when we pulled the trigger on that trade.

    I grew up with Dodger Blue in my veins too! But I’ve always had a soft spot for the Red Sox and once Murdoch ruined the Dodgers and traded Mike Piazza I was completely done.


  3. My 7 year old was getting upset seeing signs and bumper stickers for the other team. I used the sports analogy on him and it worked. It works for me too.

    With politics, I am convinced that most people are just wired differently. Over simplified: Some are wired to think that government should be big and involved in people’s lives; and others are wired to believe that government should be small and play a limited role in people’s lives. Both sides think they are right. The scary thing is that it is often the people who do not feel strongly in their convictions and philosophies who are the ones the ultimately choose who wins in part based upon the negative ads they have heard in the home stretch.

    Oh, and . . . Go Rays!


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