We interrupt this vacation….

…to ask for help finding my camera chord please? Sigh…I can *never* keep track oh my camera accessories. The charging station? The spare memory card & battery? And now, the main chord so that I could download photos.

I was going to post a picture with a quick vacation update. Telling you how I am in reading vs writing mode. Finished two books in the last 3 days. Excited to choose the next one to be devoured.

I was going to post a photo of some *wildlife* that came through the back yard today. WILD life I tell you! Seriously. Amber went beserk. She wasn’t just chittering like she does when those boring old birds are there. No, she was huffing! Huffing and puffing like she desperately wanted to blow the french doors down. She even charged AT the door and literally banged into it she was so worked up. I can’t blame her either. This was certainly a tempting morsel. It literally sat there eating adorably and not caring one hoot that she and I were on the other side of the glass. It freaking posed, I swear! I have pictures. That I would love to share. IF I COULD FIND THE CHORD!!!

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