Learn something new every day

Recovering from a kick ass head cold, so not much to write, but I found this very interesting. Oil is in the news of course given the catastrophic oil spill going on off the Louisiana coast right now. Consequently I’ve heard the oft repeated refrain “we’ve got to find a safe way to get this on our own so we can stop depending on Saudi Arabia for all our oil” or variations of that whenever it is suggested that perhaps we should back off drilling in light of this spill. Not trying to make this a political post, but quite honestly I always bought that notion myself – how we are somehow wholly *dependent* on the middle east region for our oil imports. Then one of my many white house media folks that I follow sent along this link:

Crude Oil imports

Here’s a snapshot of it:

Look at that! Where do we get the majority of our oil from? Our very own neighbors to the north and south! Very very interesting. Food for thought the next time you hear someone go off about our dependence on Saudi Arabia for “all our oil”

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