Book Review – While I Was Gone

While I Was Gone While I Was Gone by Sue Miller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
A compelling story about a very conflicted woman on the precipice of a classic mid-life crisis. Told in the first person the narrative is very easy to follow and also done well enough that you find yourself in her world very easily even as she flashes back and forth through her memories. Jo is a study of impulsiveness and unintended secrecy. She has everything she could want in life and she *knows* it, but….the classic BUT.

I wont spoil it, but there is an interesting twist which, for once, I didn’t see coming 10 chapters away.

Mostly I just enjoyed spending the time with her in her New England farm house, meandering through the seasons, attending to her veterinary practice and her life unfolds.

I will definitely put Sue Miller on my list of authors to re-visit.

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