What I know for sure*

If it is 5:00pm on a Sunday and I have not yet gone to the grocery, I am not going to go. Instead, the mental bargaining begins.

Is there food for dinner? How many do I have to feed? Check refrigerator. Ok, this is more than a week old so it’s out. Hmm, salad still looks good. There’s a serving of this and that and..ok, there’s enough.

What about breakfast for tomorrow? Egg count? Yes! There’s enough!

Lunch? No frozen ones for me to take to work, but there’s bread and ham & cheese for a sandwich and enough aforementioned salad to pack with it. Ooh, also still enough soup & noodles for SB to eat when he gets home from school (because the sandwich he packs wont be enough to get him through until his dad picks him up sometime close to 7pm).

Cats? Food? Check. Treats? Check. Litter? Un-check, but it can make it until after work tomorrow.

And just like that I can go back to my book which is why it got to be this late in the first place.

*Apologies to Oprah for this version being quite a bit less profound than her versions usually are!

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