Do I really need to act my age?

Because getting up at 3am to drive downtown to sit in line outside a theater box office for 9 hours with like minded Adam Lambert fans kinda sounds like a fun adventure! Thank you, Ticketmaster & StubHub scalpers for making this little outing *necessary* for fans who couldn’t afford to pay sky high markup and/or processing fees for mediocre seats. (that was sarcasm in case you didn’t catch it)

Behold – The Dawn Patrol Ticket Buying adventure!

It was seriously the fasted 9 hours to pass by ever. The two women already there were friends of Jan’s who she had met at Adam’s New Years Eve performance. They were funny & warm & so very easy to talk to – and to sing with – and to dance with 🙂 At a certain point we all pretty much forgot we were on a street corner in a major downtown city and were in our own little world of Adam. Heck, I was on my knees doing my impersonation of Adam on HIS knees as he sang Whole Lotta Love at Fantasy Springs (you know, when he looked RIGHT AT ME!) when a guy walked past on his way to an early morning job. Oopsie! After a couple of the gals had used a corner that they dubbed “the jungle” as a bathroom, I declared No Way Jose to that option and scouted around for indoor plumbing. Then remembered that Symphony Towers is home to a Sheraton and I went there & got permission for us to use their lobby facilities and we were set. One block up was a Starbucks. At 10am a Pizzeria & Deli opened up across the street & I had the best darn tasting meatball sandwich ever!

By 11:30 there were about 25 people lined up. The max you could purchase was 4 tickets. The venue had held back about 150 tickets from Ticketmaster and they would be taking phone orders at the same time as we were allowed in. Safe to say their 150 tickets were gone before I got back home! When they let us in, there were four ticket agents waiting for us so our little quartet was assured first choice of what they had. It still didn’t amount to what we would have liked (close floor seats), but the ticket agent who works there assured me twice these were the BEST seats he had and that symphony season ticket holders coveted that section particularly since it is dead center and hangs out over the floor seats. Best view of the full stage and from what we heard from my friend who saw Adam’s opening show last night, you want to get the full view. Lasers, smoke, a video screen with images displayed on the back wall. Dancers. Three costume changes. This is not JUST a rock star. This is a full fledged Entertainer 🙂

The saga continues on concert day – July 28th for Costa Mesa and July 30th for this one. I intend to continue NOT acting my age at those shows!!

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