Deal or No Deal?

Update 6/28/09: Oh man – just days after the loss of the King of Pop, it seems we’ve lost the King of Pitchmen. I just heard him on our morning radio show a few weeks ago and he was really one of a kind. I’ll be going to the county fair today where there will be a lot of Billy Mays protege’s – wonder if they will have on black armbands to honor their King?

If you watch live TV for any length of time you have seen these commercials. Typically featuring Billy Mays. Oh, you think you don’t know who that is? Oh yes, you do:


He is the premier As See on Tv! pitch man. You know your product has hit the Big Time when he is shilling it. Being at home so much as I was over winter break and also being rather addicted to cable news shows, well, I started to get tempted by these ads πŸ™‚ The ones that caught my attention to the point of at least considering a purchase were the Twin Draft Guard, Sham WOW, PedEgg and the seemingly ubiquitos Snuggie.

I got closest to ordering the Snuggie. yeah, I know, it’s a blanket with sleeves for cripes sake!!! Why would I spend money on THAT? Well, I tend to get cold around my mid section and this seemed the perfect way to keep my theromstat turned down in the house saving some money on energy and also being snuggly warm on my sofa while reading or blogging. Then I went on their web site and it turned out that the seemingly cheap $19.95 price was a teaser. Shipping was $15!! Suddenly the $20 Snuggie (buy one, get one free, just pay that shipping rate again!) was $40 with tax and shipping. $55 is I wanted two. Ok, not such a cheap price for what looks pretty ridiculous in reality. Then they swept the nation!! People were mocking it on blogs (but also making their own versions), and the local radio show was giving them away one week just for fun.*For the record as of today the shipping is down to $8 per Snuggie*

Still, I have resisted.

But just what is it with these As Seen On TV products? Did you know there is a website with all of their products?

Why is it that these things are As Seen On TV and generally not in stores? I say ‘generally’ because I’ve seen some of the ones on that website in my local hardware store – bought the dryer balls there – and could be further tempted by these products without paying the shipping. But doesn’t this all seem Too Good to be True?Β  If the product is so darn great it would have a major distributor, right? Are these really all entreprenuerial inventors who just don’t want to play the retail game with the Big Boys? If so this seems pretty cool to be Sticking it to The Man…but what if these products are just junk that couldn’t get a real supplier? Are you just then falling for the sales pitch? Because I must say that the Draft Guard seems like something I need (maybe with proper insulation I would not be tempted to get the Snuggie, right?)

What say you dear readers? Have you purchased a product from a TV ad? Deal or No Deal? Which was MUST I have (or not)?

Because that Sham WOW? Well, I think it would be truly cool to say “WOW!” every time I have to clean πŸ™‚

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  1. The drug store near my house sells “As Seen on TV” stuff so I have bought stuff there and didn’t order it. Floam was a flop, History Girl really wanted it and she was going through a painful medical procedure so I got it for her, she liked it for a day.

    I have also bought the PedEgg, called the “Foot Zester” in my family. It was and is amazing. I normally have cracked and dry feet so bad the sometimes bled, this winter I have had no problem with my feet.

    The other thing I bought was the Aqua Globe. It waters your plants for you. Just bought it a month ago, my plants look pretty good. Normally a plant in my house is facing a death sentace.


  2. Oooh – PedEgg is has been rising on my list of items to purchase. Glad to hear it is possibly worth it. I think I will haunt my local store to see if they get it in πŸ™‚

    I don’t have the plant watering issue. Especially since it has rained in my house recently πŸ˜‰ I recycled the captured water into my plants. Also, I learned the ice cube trick some time ago and regularly dump ice cubes in the plants which also helps when needing to water something set up high.


  3. Floam is indeed a total flop – so is moonsand – didn’t it start as a tv offer only? Bendaroos are a waste of money and a complete rip off of Wiki Sticks which are cheaper and better. Pedi egg tore up my feet – must be doing it wrong. My children are coveting the Snugglie and the Aqua Orb.


  4. My parents bought me some of those dryer balls once… Even though I’d been using tennis balls successfully prior to that. πŸ˜‰

    The Pet-icure intrigues me, but I still don’t think Puggles would like it. Then I did some online research, and found out that 1) it’s kinda like using a Dremel (sp?) on your pet; 2) it can get kind of hot as it whirls around; 3) if your pet is wiggly with nail trimmers, they’ll probably still be wiggly with the Pet-icure thingy. So, I resisted the temptation and have succumbed to a long-nailed doggie.


  5. OxyClean is magical stuff and got it’s start with Billy! I’m always tempted by the steam cleaners and have considered the kit for cleaning out the dryer vent… Oh, and the revo brush! I don’t think I’ve actually bought anything though.


  6. i ordered pixos once from a TV offer. no billy, though, and i freaking HATE those things. if someone wasn’t so keen on santa bringing them, well, i think i would have bagged. oh, and moonsand, too. it sucks. it’s a mess, it’s annoying, and it sucks.

    and i guess that makes me a major suck-er… 😦


  7. I was underwhelmed with the ShamWow. Have you seen the new one with that same guy, the Slap Chop? Oh my.

    Hell yeah, I buy all that “as seen on tv” stuff. I am the ultimate sucker.

    The pet nail thing? Waste of money.

    I do like my Magic Bullet blender.


  8. This is cracking me up. You’ve turned into the dark dirty confessional booth of ye who hath bought As Seen on TV wares.

    Forgive me, Father, for I have unknowingly sinned. Gav is big on the Floam for school science projects…he smears it on the outside of a halved styrofoam ball to serve as the cell wall. We freaked out when we couldn’t find it at our lovely Wal-Mart recently and had to go with modeling clay. I had no idea it was As Seen on TV goods. So, Floam – good for cell walls.

    Umm, I regularly buy OxyClean to toss in with laundry. (also from Wal-Mart) Again, I had no idea it was hocked on tv. I guess I just don’t pay much attention to the infomercials. (although i saw the Snuggie ad a while back and fall in the camp of those who think it looks like a cult robe or harry potter wannabes)

    Now, my brother P, on the other hand, loves him some As Seen on TV goods. He still gets down with his Flowbee haircuts…plug that puppy into the vacuum cleaner and go. Umm, he also bought some sort of steamer that cleans the tub or crap in the grout…I’m not really sure. It may also steam clothes. I know whatever it does, he likes it. (obviously, i zoned out during that conversation) I’m sure he’s bought a slew of other things. I’ll have to email him and see what other goodies he’s tried.


  9. Our local mall actually has an “As Seen on TV Store” . No kidding. I’ve never been in (of course I rarely go to the mall, and when I do its for a purpose…but its right next to Old Navy so I pass by). I can’t think of anything I’ve bought. I think the Snuggie looks ridiculous….I have a robe that works perfectly fine.
    Reading other responses, I didn’t realize Floam was “As Seen on TV”….I think DD4 owned some at one point. Oh, and we bought DD2 a Magic Bullet for Christmas, based on friends’ recommendations.


  10. Sooner or later many of them come to Target. I got the pedegg there and a couple other things. And I’ve seen the ShamWow in Target as well. You don’t get the same deal as on tv, but you can try out the thing. πŸ™‚


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