Planning is NOT in the teenager DNA

For the first half of this post, let’s resurrect an oldie but goodie from last summer (which may indicate that being a teen is not the ONLY reason planning is not in his DNA – could also be genetics):

“I sure hope that next year we don’t have passport drama right before SportsBoy has to leave! Last year it was that it was expired and his dad had to drive him up to LA to get a rush renewal two days before. This year it was the phone call at midnight asking me to search his room at my house for it because..well..he and his dad couldn’t find it over there! Now, I had not even once laid eyes on a passport all year in that room. If I had, I would have tucked it away with mine and made sure it was in his dad’s hands well before his flight left. But no. After kind of waking up I stumbled into his room – which was at it’s cleanest all year! – and started digging around. Meanwhile we tried to reconstruct how events had unfolded the day he returned last summer. At 12:30am they arrived to help with the hunt. *Finally* his dad remembered that we shouldn’t be looking for a loose passport, but for an airline pouch that was given to him since he flew unattended, but with flight attendant escorts last year and the airline gave him the pouch to carry all his documents. At the mention of a pouch SB and I remembered – night stand! Sure enough, there it was (phew). So, a mere 6 hours before his flight was taking off, he had everything he needed in hand. Yeah…nothing like last minute drama eh?”

In addition to that passport scramble, the night before I dropped him off to his dad’s, he had pulled the “Mom, have you seen my MP3 player?” stunt (you may notice a pattern here in a moment) . Now, this is an issue because the boy only cares about his music player when he’s about to go on long trips. So, it gets shoved under things, loses battery, and is just generally outdated when he wants it. The same with his hand me down digital camera. No battery, no memory card and he doesn’t care until he’s ready to leave for a trip when he *might* want to take some photos. But hey, that was last year. He was 12. It was the second summer in a row that we had the mad passport/mp3 player/camera scramble. It couldn’t possibly happen again could it?

Tomorrow the 8th grade goes on their Disneyland trip. A 90 minute bus ride north. Kids seated in the buses in alpha order so buddies cannot necessarily travel together. When does my son think of this? Why, as we are driving home from a nice outing to get some frozen yogurt & then stopping to get gas in my car (I also have to drive 90 minutes north, but for a work meeting vs the fun of Disneyland!) and spending money for him. We pull into the garage a little before 8pm, singing along to the Glee CD in the car as usual and he says “Hey, do you think you could download Glee onto my MP3 player?”


You see, the player is not iTunes compatible. It’s old. I quite frankly forgot about it since he doesn’t use it that much. In fact, once I got the iphone & had to signup with an itunes account, that became my main music source & I dropped the old subscription service that worked with his player (oops!). Now, my PLAN had been to create a new CD for my own trip tomorrow, but let’s set that aside I suppose. First off he had to find the darn thing which took 20 mins. I scramble & improvise and wave my magic wand and after another 90 minutes and another 25 gray hairs I’ve got his player loaded with the music he wants.

Somewhere in the middle of that he calls out “Mom – I found my camera! Do you know where the charger is?”


(that one he has to do without for tomorrow)

Now, obviously I see the plus side to all this. While he may have touched off yet another stress filled evening of slapping shit together & tearing apart the house looking for things, we’ve at least got all this ready for the 25th when he leaves for Sweden. The MP3 player, the camera..I’ll have those all ready.

The passport? His dad claims to have it under control.

Don’t hold your breath.

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