I went today after SB’s baseball game to try out Swirlicious – a self serve frozen yogurt store just opened Memorial Day weekend in Carlsbad. YUM YUM YUM. The slide show about covers it all:

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The yogurts are .38 per ounce and most of the folks I saw go through while I was there were paying between $3-$6 for their containers. Mostly it hung around $4. They give out tasters and in addition to my sorbet combo I tried every flavor except peanut butter & espresso since I just don’t like those in general. They were all really really good. That Dreamy Dark Chocolate is WELL named. I really loved the Pink Lemonade Sorbet but you have to keep in mind I like my frozen ice cream or yogurt to be more on the tart side and simple. I’m actually not much of a topping person. I definitely could see myself getting the Cookies & Cream with crumbled oreo toppings & dark chocolate syrup (not that I’ve already planned my next serving or anything!). The California Tart is a GREAT base yogurt – any topping would go well on it and it is a great blend of sweet & tart.

Anyhoo – despite it being a sort of  ‘in the family’ business to me, I was still quite pleasantly surprised at how good it is! While I was there – on a Sunday early evening – there was a nice steady stream of walk in traffic & everyone was complimenting them on the place. And that was without any advertising at ALL other than signs at the location. There were some initial challenges in getting the right equipment with the electrical system/codes there, then it took some time to decorate (I think it looks fantastic!) so when everything was signed off they just said DO IT and opened the doors. It was so spur of moment that I don’t think the website is up just yet, but here it is anyway:


If you are in town – GO – I promise you it’s worth the trip 🙂

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