No news is good news

My mom asked yesterday why I haven’t posted about SportsBoy since he’s been gone. Well, see, that there assumes that I’d have something to post about! There are three keys points preventing such things:

  1. He’s male
  2. He’s a teenager
  3. His cell phone doesn’t work in Sweden

Really it is points one and two that matter. After all, his grandpa in Stockholm has skype so he can call cheaply from there any time. Also, there IS the internet. He has two email accounts and Facebook that he could use to send messages/updates/photos and also to chat if we are both online. If you recall, I did scramble the weekend before he left to make sure he had a camera with a fully charged battery and empty memory card. Guess how many pictures he’s posted/sent?

If you guessed anything higher than zero, you are wrong.

So here is what I do know after a grand total of two phone calls (one of which was specifically to ask me to leave something out front for his step mom to pick up before she made her way out there) and about five very short facebook chats since he left on June 25th:

  1. He’s keeping to San Diego time which means he goes to bed at 5-6am local time and wakes up after lunch. I don’t know why. He’s there for 6 weeks, has only ever suffered jet lag coming home ONCE and that was when he was 5 and he has 5 days after he comes back to adjust before football practice starts. IOW – he’s still a fruitcake.
  2. He couldn’t keep up with the weight training because gyms in Sweden don’t let kids use weights. So he’s playing soccer & biking & kayaking to stay fit as much as possible. Thankfully given item #1, there is daylight until past midnight.
  3. The weather has been very good again this year – shoot, it was warmer there than here until just this week when summer *finally* remembered to visit San Diego! This is nice because he’s had a few years when it rained almost the whole time.
  4. His step mom and her niece joined he and his dad out there so they did a lot of touristy things to show the niece around. Which *does* give him a mild excuse for not emailing – though it further emphasizes his lack of photo sharing since there were ample picture taking opportunities!
  5. He’s been to Gothenburg & visited his great grandma and great aunt & uncle already. He’s most likely visiting with his Grandma at her place also on the west coast this week. That meant a train ride from the east coast to the west coast. Anyone reading this, along with me, thinks of a train trip across Sweden as something pretty fantastic, right? We’d all kill to do that! Him: “I’ll sleep most of the way” Sigh..jaded.
  6. It’s apparent from his Facebook page that when he is in Stockholm at his grandpas house that he spends a great deal of his time on the computer with his Uncle playing all sorts of games. Because he can’t do anything like that here, right? Fly across the world to play computer games 😉

So, no news is good news as it usually is. Not much information coming from there, and not much going on here other than keeping up with daily doings & preparing for Netroots Nation in Vegas. Since that’s my political trip, I’ll post those pics & updates on Pragmatic Progressive.

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