Much needed day off + Peregrine Falcon!

For much better quality pics of Wednesday’s adventure – check out Robin’s blog.


Peregrine Falcon perched on a cliff ledge at Torrey Pines Beach

Clearly that’s a popular perch for them given the white streaks just under the bird 🙂 This has been a good year for them. Every time I’ve taken the beach route I’ve been able to see at least one. Someday I’ll get a photo that does not require cropping & zooming just to get a pinpoint view!

I’d spent the last several days at work in training manual writing hell – aka Word. Gack – I hate that program!! As such it was with great enthusiasm that I volunteered to take a day off to give Robin a proper day of hiking and eating. We spent over two hours walking from my beach front parking spot to the stairs at Flat Rock and then up the trails into the Reserve, then looped back down to the car. The weather has been just stunning over the past 10 days. We then feasted at Fidel’s in Solana Beach. The crab enchiladas there are one of my favorite meals ever.

After dropping Robin back off to Mission Beach I took advantage of the continued afternoon off to nap and then deal with my sick cat & bedroom turnover.

Amber has been suffering from an upset tummy which then turned into her fussing with her… know..down there..and with all her fur that meant hair balls which just turned back into another upset tummy and…yeah, viscous cycle of yuck & yowling the last couple of nights. I gave her a much needed warm washcloth below the tail cleaning and this morning I was happy to wake up to no further hair ball explosions and a kitty who was laying belly up and obviously happier than previous mornings (at least she wasn’t on the non-stop licking binge any more!)

The bedroom turnover is due to SweetPrince giving me his king sized bed sometime tomorrow. He is getting a newer one and giving me his which is *awesome* because it is a king and a gorgeous cherry wood sleigh style and a waaaay better quality mattress. He’s giving me the night stands too. Now, the challenge is that the reading corner that I made for myself about a year ago will vanish as there wont be room. Plus I needed to move the bookcase.  Empty it first. Also empty my nightstands and clear out under my bed. Dusting and vacuuming all the way of course since I needed to take advantage of exposing parts of the carpet & furniture not usually seen! ACHOO! All with feline “assistance”.

The thing that is slightly annoying about the furniture upgrade is what it will do to my picture hanging design. The arrangement over the bed which I really like will have to move about two feet to the right to stay centered over the headboard and the relatively new purple flower four piece set on the reading nook wall had to come down since I needed to move the bookcase onto that wall. It can probably go back up in a different placement BUT MOTHER OF PEARL was that set a PITA to hang the first time!!!

Queen Bed on it's way out tomorrow
Bookcase has to move to be on the wall where purple flower was.

If you hear a lot of cursing over the weekend, now you know why!


2 thoughts on “Much needed day off + Peregrine Falcon!

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  1. Nice shot! Take me with you sometime, I’ll screw the telephone zoom on my camera and see if I can get a closer shot. 🙂 Then again, the hawks on the phone lines here always catch me with the camera at home. 😛

    I do technical writing for a living. There’s an adage, “the first thing I learned about using Word for writing documentation was to lower my expectations.” Seriously, OpenOffice is free and (speaking from experience) works much better for anything longer than two pages.

    Best of luck with sick kitties and furniture re-deranging. Those are both things I try to avoid dealing with as much as possible.


  2. I wondered how it worked out with Amber. Glad to hear she’s feeling better and that you didn’t have to make a visit to the vet for what might have been similar advice in taking care of the situation. 🙂

    I’m getting ready for some major changes in my home, feeling the need to move things around and change colors. I won’t be buying new furniture but I’d like to start framing and hanging some of my photos. Anyhow, just sympathizing in advance with the re-do.

    As soon as I go through my photos, I’ll get the peregrine one up again. I think I have a better one than I posted but I couldn’t tell on the laptop and want to make sure it’s terribly blurry before I post it.


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