Sometimes stereotypes are true. Perhaps often.

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It is 2010 (hell, almost 2011!!) and we live in an era when over generalizations and stereotyping are quite politically incorrect and often downright offensive.

Lord knows we women sure know how to scream FOUL at blood curdling levels when ANY sort of judgment is passed on our behavior based on gender biases. We SCREAM. OFTEN. And LOUDLY.

And yet….

Sometimes they are true aren’t they? And by sometimes I mean, very often. Almost always.

Take this ONE example – take it with a grain of salt, but take it anyway: Men lose things. A LOT. And by ‘losing’ I mean, they put things down – somewhere – and completely forget where that somewhere is AND…and…then they suck so bad at looking for the item that I swear women have been admitted to pysch wards over the stress caused by their man’s inability to see the ketchup in the refrigerator door.

I know this to be true. Sure, let them bring up ONE example…maybe TWO…or the rare man (dare we say, king among men) who can find things. I am sure they are out there. The problem is, *I* don’t know any!

Nor do any of my girlfriends. 15 years on the mom’s list and I know we’ve bitched about the lack of a Male Finding Gene at least a hundred times. It’s only getting worse as those of us who have sons watch them as teenagers morph into this adult male who, despite all of our attempts at setting an example and despite however many natural (and imposed) consequences they suffer, they still CANNOT FIND THINGS!

And it’s not just within families. I’ve seen it at work too. Although not to same level which is, I think, why they are SO BAD at home. I think as adults that they realize they better figure SOMETHING out in order to remain employed, but that exhausts every last ounce of ability and so once they are home it’s just ten times worse.

Men know it too. I mean, there is a reason that there is that saying right? It’s crude, but we all know just how true it is and we also probably all know at least one guy who has said it:

“I’d lose my dick if it wasn’t attached!”

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