HOW long did that last?

So, unless you were hiding under a rock (or, perhaps don’t know anyone who is into video gaming or you don’t watch commercials on TV), then you may have been aware that  a Big New Much Anticipated video game came out this week. SportsBoy has been talking about it since before summer. He prepaid $5 to Game Stop to hold a copy of it for him so he wouldn’t have to stress about camping outside at midnight when it was released. I started seeing the commercials during football broadcasts and being the utter gaming moron that I am, I had no idea it was the same game he had been talking about all this time! I just thought it was cool to have Kobe & Jimmy Kimmel in the commercial acting like real soldiers in the game and grinning like little boys the whole time. Yep, that was his game. Call of Duty – Black Ops. Now, in the ultimate test of his ability to hold back his eagerness to play it immediately – he was at my house this week. No PS3 system here. But we had to go pick up the game anyway of course just so he could have it in his hands. He read through the booklet, continued watching You Tube videos online about it and figured he would play next week. Then he had a chance to go to his buddy’s house Sat night. With a PS3 there. Yep, he brought his game and they pulled an all nighter out there similar to the all nighter at my house for his birthday (same three boys).

Apparently SB played for NINE hours straight and…he beat the game!! Over six months of anticipation…three days of having it in his hands before he could play it and then…NINE hours and it was over! Seriously?! That’s it?!

He reassures me that replaying it will be just as fun and something about cheats and..I don’t know…my eyes glzed over…yada yada..

Six months for nine hours?

Well, then I was reminded of something very similar that happens all the time in terms of way more effort being put INTO something for a very short period of enjoyment:

There’s the remains of the pot roast dinner from tonight. 6.5 hours total prep time if you count the pealing & cleaning & chopping of veggies. How long do you think it took for the three of us to consume more than half of it?

FIVE minutes.



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