For want of a bed……

(A frightening peak into my brain on Saturday as I stood in my bedroom assessing the furniture situation & then soothed my frayed nerves by watching House Hunters & a couple of design shows which only triggered more rearranging ideas. Oh and I did take some pictures. I was just too tired after this to download them from the camera.)

Oh, I really like the new bed! Finally a king sized in the darker wood tones I’ve wanted. The set looks so….ADULT!..sophisticated!..making the rest of the room look…well..not quite up to par. Hmmm…plus the increased bed size ate up the reading corner I created last year. The bookcase on the side wall doesn’t look so bad. I actually kind of like it. What to do with the rocking chair though? And I really would like to remove an item of furniture from the opposing wall. Like the four drawer file cabinet. That looks so out of place. Maybe I could put it in one of the closets instead? In fact, probably best to put it in the closet right there next to it since that’s kind of a hard to access corner anyway. Just need to move some of those clothes off that rack…I can do that now…maybe into the smaller closet?… room…and I need to put that one other suitcase in there since this new bed’s clearance from the ground is much lower & it wont fit under…ok, well SportsBoy has THREE….closets in his room (why the heck in this two master bedroom bedroom setup upstairs did they put the most closet space in the smaller of the two rooms??)….I can move my  rarely worn seasonal clothes into his closet….ok, let’s do that….oh hell…his closets need a clean out too…in fact his whole room needs a clean out & upgrade to switch from older elementary school age to high school teen (aack!)….and as much as he will whine bitch moan…he really needs to help me do the cleanup…we should make room for the larger bed I want to get for him sometime in 2011….ok, so ditch the furniture moving idea until T-day week when he is here & has time to participate…maybe I can re-hang pictures…no..not really since the furniture in my room is still not really SET…argh…ok….the rocking chair/reading corner….what about that? Well…I could move that largely useless (but pretty) corner table in the living room somewhere…anywhere…I’ll figure something out…wait…it goes behind the couch in the rather large, unused entry space during Christmas anyway so it can just stay there right?…oh..yeah..Christmas…coming up in less than a week….I can’t make a reading corner until AFTER the holidays….guess I’ll just have to keep the rocking chair against the inside of the double door that I never open in my room for a bit…and dammit..that’s about ALL I can do right now huh? Oh wait, one thing I CAN do, that I NEED to do now…….a nap in the new bed……the cats have the right plan…just do as little as possible…zzzzzzzzzzz.

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